Cynzia Sanchez’s artistic career began as a seven-year-old in her island home of Puerto Rico. Her uncle, Rigo, took her under his talented wing and taught her how to see things in a way no one else can. He helped direct her talent in the skills of painting and drawing his entire lifetime. When as a fifth grader, her painting of a rooster won first place in her school art competition, her calling as an artist was secured.


She moved to Atlanta in 1982 to study Architecture at Georgia Tech. After graduation, she started a family and a small moving business, both growing to full capacity in thirty years. With her desire still strong, the mother of three children and co-owner of a moving company, followed her artistic calling and enrolled in the Savannah College of Art & Design in 2008. She refined her capabilities as an artist, and her true passion for portraiture and photo-realism painting thrived while completing her coursework. Cynzia received her in 2000, master's in fine art degree with emphasis on portraiture from SCAD in 2011.


Cynzia is a mother, a nature lover, and very proudly a woman. As a mother, she has learned how to balance life. She strives to capture the essence of the subjects’ soul in her portraiture and her landscapes present nature as it is. As a woman, she studies the psychology behind what makes some of us change who we are to fit within societal standards.


Drawing on her life experiences allows Cynzia to produce wonderful art that touches the viewer. The capabilities she has refined from her early years with her uncle Rigo have developed into true artistic talent.